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Tarot / Email Readings

Tarot Readings

Tarot Card Readings is more than fortune telling its also a form of counseling. The events you are told normally have a 90% accuracy rate. You will be told of your live path and given options on how to get there. Cards are shuffled and laid out in a pattern in what we call a "spread" each card will have its own position and will represent a situation in question and the likely outcome. The whole purpose of a Tarot reading is to give you the choice to take appropriate actions to guide you on the right path in life. There are many different Tarot spreads i use one being the Celtic Cross, 1 card, 3 card, 5 Card. Other spreads available.

Each card will be explained in full so you will understand fully.

Want to have your reading recorded ? Have an MP3 file sent via email of your reading.

1Hr £29.95
30Min £19.95

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5,8 Question/Tarot Readings

This is something you may want if you need quick answers to life's problems.

You ask me your questions then i use the cards and translate them for you. Soon as you purchased your reading please send me your Name and your direct questions to me to work on.

The questions can be whatever you want it to be however they must be direct.

You will have your reading sent back ASAP.

The reading you receive will be detailed not just one line answers

2 Question £7.95
5 Question £9.95
8 Question £14.95

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