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Mediumship Readings

If you are wishing to connect with someone who is passed it is helpful to think about the person or people in the spirit world before a reading. Thought is energy, love is energy, the spirit world can sense your energy and this can help raise the vibration for a stronger connections.

To understand this better look at mediumship as two telephones. The telephone in the spirit world has a dial, and the telephone here in the physical world is only a receiver without any dial. I can only receive the communication that the spirit world is willing to send at that given time. The more open-minded and open-hearted you are the clearer the messages will be for you please remember this.

I would appreciate that you do not send emails saying with whom it is you wish to communicate with and giving all the pertinent details about that loved one. It's my job to tell you who it is that comes through in the reading and to give you the authenticity and validation.

Each spirit's message is just as important as any other's. Sometimes it is to make peace with someone they had issues with when they were here and may ask for forgiveness and other times it's to let us know they are okay.

Please allow those other spirits the time to connect with you as they may have a message for you and other family members or even friends. It takes a lot of energy for spirit to communicate with us and their effort needs to be acknowledged and respected.

The only thing I ask is that you participate in the reading by responding if the information is accurate. The best way to have a successful reading is by remaining positive so you can have an evidential and enlightening experience.

Is a reading by telephone as accurate? Yes, I have done hundreds of readings by telephone all over the world in the past and they are just as accurate as if you were getting the reading in person. Please have a pen and paper to hand to jot down notes. Your reading can be recorded and sent via Mp3.

1 Hour £29.95
30 Min £19.95

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Psychometry Readings

Psychic Answers on Personal Matters
Business, Financial and Economic Insight
Medical Intuitive
Channeler and Medium
Past life
Spiritual Teacher

Teacher of New Earth Changes, Coping and Living in Todays Times, Soul Awareness and Raising Your Vibration.

My clairvoyant ability enables Me to offer detailed insight and guidance relating to Finances, Business, Relationships, Career, Family, Life path and Spiritual Growth.

I am also a natural psychometrist. Which is a unique gift and ability not commonly used by most psychics. The use of psychometry enables me to see the past with accurate detail as well as the future by holding on to an item or a picture; as well as touching the letters and words of a name, detailed information both past, present and future is sensed. Psychometry reveals the current energy and happening around that person or event. I use the current energy also to determine the present situation and what the future will bring.

Also with accurate detail i am able to profile a person in question. Sensing their personality, feelings and intent by focusing on the letters and word of a name. It is helpful to have the first and last name of the person in question.

Psychics are individuals who possess extra-sensory abilities. There are a variety of different types of psychics. Many psychics today assist in advice regarding business matters, changes in the Economy, Relationships and Counseling. Their skills and services can be considered quite similar to those of a traditional therapist or advisor. Many people turn to psychics for a variety of reasons, from entertainment to idle curiosity to a desire for help in navigating life. Some psychics are even trained as therapists or counsellors and focus on helping their clients with emotional issues through the combined use of physic tools and counseling. Psychics can provide readings in person, on the phone, and even by email .

Want to have your reading recorded & placed on a cd with your name, date, & time of the reading printed on to the disc? Professionally finished with faint music in the background. Once the reading has finished sit back and listen to relaxing music.

1Hr £35
30Min £20

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