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Name: Angela bradley
From: Northern Ireland
September 6, 2016

I have had 2 readings from this man,amazing is an understatement.he told me to give my cousin a message from her mum that she was happy and had crossed over and was with a lady which was lime her sister but wasn't blood. A few months later we got a call to say my aunt had died a few months b4 and the message was for nicola.at the time it dinto make sense as we didn't know of my aunts passing as we had lost contact.unbelievable man

Name: Janet
From: Kent
June 19, 2016

Hi I have had many readings but Tim always blows me away with his mediumship I am glad my dad and Aunty came through and the validation always gives me goose bumps. You said happiness is coming very soon for me I'm keeping my fingers crossed I will def be back

Name: John and Claire
From: Somerset
October 23, 2015

Tim, my wife has been connecting with psychics since our son died in Oct 11 and she arranged a reading with you over the telephone. I have not got involved in her previous readings although I have clearly been interested in what she has reported back. I would not say that I am a cynic or a non-believer in such things and I believe in an after-life but what you told us last week has 'blown me away'. The accuracy of your reading was quite unbelievable and there was no doubt that you were in contact with my son as well as my father. I do not often cry - probably a man thing - but I pretty well went through a box of tissues as you relayed messages from them. It was truly amazing. I was also most taken by the way in which you passed them on and your tone which was so soulful and genuine. I am not sure I have ever got as much out of an hour and 29. I can assure you that I will be back. Yours most gratefully, John and Claire