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Tarot Card Course

4 week course teaching you 3 deferent spreads

Your course can be conduced in several ways: Skype, viber, telephone, mobile phone (UKonly)

Tarot Card Course

Learn to read the Tarot Cards & 3 spreads. This course can be catered for Starter, intermediate & Advanced.

Many of you own a dec of cards but have always been told or heard " You cant read for yourself " right? well thats wrong because you can and i will show how to. Automatically you think and believe you cant because its been drummed in to your mind from day one.

By the 4th week you will understand the Tarot in a totally different way. You will understand how to read for yourself. Learn quick and easy steps to a successful reading wether its for you or a friend and even a client.

Many psychics who read the Tarot now a days do not understand all the meanings of the cards let alone the upright and the reverse meanings of each card. With no knowledge of the reverse meanings of the Tarot its the same as if i gave you the news paper cut it in half and said read it! so you may not be getting the right reading after all.

And remember no matter how long you have been reading for we are all learning all of us!

1. The course is for 1 month.

2. Receive 4 cds one per week with your name printed on each cd. Containing your 30 min session for future use.

3. Each week you will have a 30min or 1hr call via phone, skype, viber or mobile if in the UK (Recorded for future use).

4. Files sent to you via E/mail to help you further your knowledge in the Tarot.

5. Learn to read the Celtic Spread, One card Spread, 3 card Spread

6. Receive extra information on 3 more Tarot spreads to learn in your own time.

7. Choose between a 30min call per week or a 1hr call per week. This can be done from the drop down menu

Call Options 30m 1hr pw