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Spiritual Healing Course

4 week course guiding you in to the world of spiritual healing

Your course can be conducted in several ways: Skype, viber, telephone, (mobile UK only)

And can be extended to 8 weeks rather than 4 so please see options at checkout.

This is a 4 week course that will teach you how to heal for yourself and others around you.
Each week your session will last for 1hr, each session will be recorded for future use. You will be guided through meditations and shown what to do while you in there, the best ways to heal yourself, and to heal others i.e Friends, family members or even if your planning the make spiritual healing part of your daly work.

By the end of this course you would have had 4 CDs and everything you need to heal yourself and turn your life and well being around once and for all.

Spirit healing has been used for centuries in Asia and other parts of the world but it is still recent term to use for most of us today because most of us do not know anything about spiritual healing and what it can do.

The human body is the most fantastic creation of god, these days we handle so much stress and anxiety an the best way to deal with this is meditation and this alternative healing as this is the best way to deal with it. This type of healing is the art of making your mind stronger to handle stressful situations much easer.

This course will teach you how its done via meditation.

Spiritual healing can help you to recover from stress, depression or any other kind of mental tension of trauma. These health problems can easily be treated by meditation. Meditation will improve your immune system and your overall health. Holistic healing brings you close to the source and you are in harmony with nature.

Our mind and body are closely interlinked, negative thoughts and feeling result in negative effects on our body whereas positive thoughts have a healing affect on our body. Anxiety and stressful feelings produce negative vibrations, so during meditation one must remove any negativity in the mind as your thoughts have a direct impact on your body. It is hard to shift your conscious level so meditation helps a great deal.

Healing meditation helps you to reach where which directly links to your sub conscious mind. it also can help your body relax and organise its self to allow medication to work better. When you panic or anxious your body produces certain hormones that harm your body. On the other hand when you focus your thoughts on self healing, you begin develop curative feelings.

You can cope with your condition perfectly when your thoughts are positive and focused on healing rather than illness. This results in positive energy that produces therapeutic effects. To simplify, when your mind gets anxious it creates negative feelings harming your body and when its calm and positive it has a self healing effect on your physical health.

Spiritual healing can help you get rid of bad habits too with out having that inner struggle that you usually feel when trying to change your habits. This is because the subconscious mind directs you to follow a specific pattern. It can be re programmed to follow a healthier pattern. This healing meditation can be used to heal any medical problem like hypertension, body pain, stress headaches, and much more.

Positive energy and meditation (healing) will help to heal your illnesses so you can live a healthy and happy life. Divine energy around you will give you a new lease of life. When you put a lot of stress on mind and body you feel like withdrawing from the world whereas when your thoughts are positive and you are calm and recharged with healing energy you feel healthy and happy.

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