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Psychic Development Course

4 Week all round course covering most aspect of development

Your course can be conduced in several ways: Skype, viber, telephone, mobile phone (UKonly)

Psychic Development Course

This is a 4 week course thats designed to guide you through the basics of psychic development. Each week i will record your session and send you the cd so you can go back over and study further so that way you will never forget. This course can be tailored to you and the level you are at.

The first week we will go over the Tarot cards and there meanings. I will send you information on the cards via file or email along with your CD. This is the time to revise as i will be asking you questions the following week.

This week i will cover the Chakras & Aura, how to clean and clear them for yourself and others around you. All the colour's will be explained in detail along with a file explaining all the different shades of the Aura and colour's of the Chakra system. Along with that weeks recorded CD sent to you.

This week i will take you in to a meditation and give you your psychic house. This is your house with in your meditation where you will connect with spirit and family members if you so wish. You will learn how to open up to spirit and shut down. Also i will be sending you a meditation CD to use free of charge to help you after the course has finished.

This week is a validation week so during week 3 you will write down what happens within your meditations and wait for those things to happen! And when they do you will be amazed with what your capable of doing.

Back in to your meditation this final week, i will be showing you how to connect with spirit, what to do once you have. Also i will be showing you how to look in to your psychic window and learn how to heal for others around you while in there. We will be removing negative energy towards the end leaving you a very different person that when you started.

In some cases i get lots of people that want to do the course for longer, and yes your right 4 weeks is a short time to learn so much. but with you having all the sessions we do recorded put on to CD and sent to you this means you can have a many sessions as you wish.

If you want to have longer sessions and keep them up until you feel confident to either read for others or your self or any other level i do offer a reduced fee per month so please ask me. In a lot of cases i have had people complete the 4 week course and gone on to be successful readers!

Is this course for you?

If you can say yes to any of these questions then i would say definitely yes,

1. Are you just wanting to connect with spirit for your own benefit.

2. I have always known i have something there and now its time to see what that is.

3. I used to read for others then stopped due to blockages and now i want to return

4. Over the years i have lots a few family members & friends and i want to try and connect with them.

5. I want to become a working psychic

6. I only want to be able to read for friends and family

7. I have always been told i am psychic but never felt it, now i want to find out what i have.

8. I am starting from scratch and the psychic world and spiritualism has always fascinated me.

9. I consider myself as a psychic and want to do it full time but don't know where to start.

10. I connect with spirit easily and feel then around me

11. I want to be a medium.

12. I have to learn how to heal myself and others.

13. I want to learn the tarot cards.

As you know with anything in life you need to work hard, the harder you work and study with this course the better you will become at it. If you do want to start this course please feel free to do so.

I look forward to working with you,


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